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Authors:Iqbal Mahmud   
Monday , 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00
Journals  »  ISSN: 2616-4817  »  International journal for empirical education and research (Print)  »  Volume 1  »  Number 1
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The Bonpara (Natore)- Gazipur square highway plays a vital role in interregional road transport in Bangladesh. Road traffic injuries are a major but neglected public health challenge that requires concerted efforts for effective and sustainable prevention. Of all the systems with which people have to deal every day, road traffic systems are the most complex and the most dangerous. Findings from the analyses suggest that safety improvement measures were very effective in reducing the frequency as well as the severity of accidents. In economic terms, the estimated benefits from accident savings far outweighed the investment costs of safety improvements. This paper presents a brief overview of the status of the road safety problems in Bangladesh by highlighting the scale and characteristics of road traffic accidents. It also recommends for adopting proper policy. This research paper is based on primary as well as secondary sources of information. 

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Iqbal Mahmud “Accident healthcare system in Bangladesh ”, Research Paper, Volume.1, Number 1, (ISSN 2072-5973),Bangladesh Institute of Professional Studies, June 2009.


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