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Saturday , 26 Jan 2019 00:00:00
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The paper deals with one of the many challenges teachers face in the EFL/ESL classroom. The study emphasizes on the idea that students must not only to speak but to make progress in their speaking skill in a credible way. The suggestions provided in student books or other resource materials may not always fit the needs of the teachers in their quest of finding activities better suited to meet their objectives. If teachers cannot find suitable activities they must adapt existing ones or create new activities. This paper looks at how a set of topic cards for speaking was created to help the students meet certain objectives. The design of these cards developed through such considerations as incorporation of new vocabulary, exchange of ideas, individual pacing and provision of a variety of topics. How the activity addresses the growth of student’s confidence is also discussed in the present short communication.

Key word:

Enhancing speaking in class, EFL/ESL, material development, student confidence


It is not uncommon for students to know their vocabulary and grammar reasonably well for their level yet are waiting for some magical point or level in the future where they would be able to use it fluently in their speaking. The art of speaking is a daunting challenge for many students and successful completion of exams and exercises of grammar and vocabulary does not necessarily aid the student in developing his/her speaking skills.It is imperative that students engage in the activity of speaking several times a class with the purpose of becoming familiar with it. They have to experience the dynamics of engaged speaking, that it is possible to communicate using the language in different situations. And they have to accept that while everything may not be perfect, they are able to accomplish many tasks with the skills they have. The teacher’s goal is to increase their awareness that this is possible and the shared goal with the students is to make their skills stronger.