AIUB Journal of Business and Economics (AJBE)
Title [English] : AIUB Journal of Business and Economics (AJBE)
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Office of the Research and Publications (ORP) is going to publish its regular research based journal, that is, AIUB Journal of Business and Economics (AJBE).  The Editorial Board of the journal invites research based articles /papers in the broader areas of accounting, finance, banking, business, management and economics. This journal is primarily devoted to the extension and further development and dissemination of knowledge in the field of business and economics for the benefit of academics as well as for practicing enterprise managers. “November 2016”, issue of the journal will be published shortly. Paper submission Deadline is 15 September 2016. The papers must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The submitted manuscript must be original and must not be submitted for publication anywhere else. Once submitted, the same article should not be re-submitted for publication elsewhere until an editorial decision is made.
  2. An article should not be co-authored by not more than two. In case of a highly technical or multi-disciplinary article, the number of co-author can be three.
  3. All articles to be published are processed through a blind referral system by a panel of experts. The responsibility for opinions in signed articles, studies and other contributions rest entirely on their authors and publication does not necessarily constitute endorsement of the same by AIUB.
  4. The manuscript must be typed (Times New Roman, 11 pt.) on one side of the A4 size paper in a double spaced manner and should not exceed 25 pages (including the abstract, figures, tables and references) with 1-inch left/right margins and 1-inch top/bottom margins. Tables should have a font size of 9 pt. and these should be numbered consecutively.
  5. The title page of article should contain the name (s) of the authors’ along with their designations, contact and email addresses. The corresponding author must be indicated by an asterisk. Any symbol except asterisk should be used to amplify the credentials of other authors.
  6. The second page of the submitted paper should contain the title and single-spaced abstract of the paper not exceeding 175 words. The main paper should begin from third page and should not relist the title or author. The paper should be divided into sections and subsections to aid smooth reading. Section headings should be hold in all capital letters while subsections should be hold upper lower cases.
  7. Footnotes should be avoided as far as possible. Essential notes should be numbered consecutively in the text and grouped together at the end in an annexure. Equation editor should be used for mathematical expressions and these should be referenced by consecutive numbering throughout the text, on the right hand side of the page, using (1), (2) etc.
  8. Bibliographical references should be made in a defined structure (Harvard Style):


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