Title [English] : Bankline
Title [Bangla] : ব্যাংকলাইন
ISSN : 2310-3728 (Print)
2310-3744 (Online)
Editor : Chief Editor
Dr. Siddhartha Mitra

Professor of Economics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 700032, INDIA

Co editors :

Professor Dr. S. L. Riyas|Dept. of Human Right & Peace Studies
British American University - Florida. USA
Dr. Naser J. Najjar|Assistant Professor
Banking and Finance Dept., American University of Madaba, Jordan
Dr. Mausumi Mahapatro| Assistant Professor
Department of Economics,North South University, Bangladesh
Farhanaz Luna|Assistant Professor
Faculty of Business Administration, Fareast International University, Bangladesh
Dr. A. S. A. Ferdous Alam |  Assistant professor
Department of International Business, Universiti Utara Malaysia

Publisher : Bangladesh Institute of Professional Studies
Co-Publisher :
Language : English & Bengali
Address :

Bangladesh Institute of Professional Studies (BIPS)
House - 135-G, Suite-15,South Kamlapur, Motijheel
GPO Box-134, Dhaka GPO-1000

Bangladesh Institute of Professional Studies (BIPS) welcomes research papers on the politics, economics, history, geography, sociology, law, language, literature, philosophy, education and culture of Bangladesh and such other subjects as are significantly related to the human resource development for publication in "Development Compilation” ISSN 2072-3334 (Print). 
Papers are accepted with the understanding that they have not published in full or in summary from or accepted for publication elsewhere. The editorial board of Development Compilation takes cognizance with a number of but not limited to following criteria in accepting paper for publication.
The Paper
a)    Articles which are original, not already been published and not scheduled for publication elsewhere may be submitted for publication in "Development Compilation (Dbœqb msKjb)".
b)    Two copies of manuscripts, computer composed (along with a CD), printed on one side only and double-spaced throughout with margins, should be submitted. 
c)    The length of the manuscripts should not ordinarily exceed 5000 words. 
d)    The article should have an abstract which should not exceed 120 words. 
e)    Notes should be given as ‘footnotes’ at the end of the article Notes should be numbered consecutively. 
f)    The article may be written either in English or Bengali.

While preparing their manuscripts the authors are most humbly requested to take care of grammar, prose style and punctuation.


Quality Statement: Quality Confirmed by Quality Assurance Council, BIPS
Review Statement: Peer Reviewed By the Peer Association
CiteScore: 65
Impact Factor (IF)Score: .0001
Immediacy Index(II) Score: .0021
National Impact Factor(NIF) Score: .0001
Rank in SI: 34
Citation Year: 2017
Citations Analysis By: Centre for Bibliometric Research, BIPS

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